I was born Amelia Kathryn, but I've always gone by Amy. When I got my first checking account, my mom asked if I wanted to sign my name Amy K., and I've done it ever since. I'm fancy that way.

I'm married to my best friend, Aaron, and we have four children: Halle, 13; Chloe, 12; Noah, 8; and Micah, 1. We're part of a house church in Waco, Texas where our friends are also our family.

I started blogging back in 2005 when I was a stay at home mom. It was a great way to stay in touch with the adult world when I was mired in diapers and blankies. Writing is a passion of mine. It is a means of communicating, of knowing, of creating. Writing is my primary art, but I occasionally also blog about other projects--quilts, lampshades, collages. This blog has been my sounding board and my sanity through writing a novel, finishing my bachelor's degree, being unemployed, and having a baby. I have shared my experiences with death and depression, and with life and laughter. I write about church and family, about writing and purpose. I write about my life.

Browse around a bit, leave a comment. I'm glad you're here.

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