Friday, August 17, 2007

I'm going to throw up

Incidentally, the title is not related to my last post.

Last week I got an email saying that my online classes should show up on Blackboard by the 20th, the official first day of class for me. The email also stated that, if the classes didn't show up by mid-week, to contact the professor. Great, I thought. I'll just check on Monday. La-dee-dah, yay for school!

Oh, no, my friends. It is not to be so laid back as that.

I happened to check my school email today and found a welcome letter from one of my professors. (Great! How exciting!) I then discovered that my classes are already showing up on Blackboard. (Oh wow! That's even better! I can look over my syllabi and be prepared for "class" on Monday, with my little sharpened pencils and my brand new notebooks. How naive I was back then, an hour ago.) I THEN discovered that my first assignment is due by Tuesday night. And, not just an assignment. An assignment in response to 30 pages of reading. An assignment that is supposed to move beyond emotional gut reaction to the reading to intellectual analysis, connecting the content with the context and construction. Nothing more specific than that. No nice, neat instructions on where to go with this. Hence the gastrointestinal discomfort. I haven't even checked my other class yet. I'm too afraid. The honeymoon is over, and class hasn't even officially started.

(note: of course I will check the other class! Sillies. I think I may try to sleep before then though, so I don't succumb to a total nervous breakdown.)

Notes of great encouragement about my astounding intellect, superb writing, and astounding insight would be welcomed. After reading the syllabus, I am feeling overwhelmed and unworthy. I also haven't taken an English class in 10 years. Y I K E S.


Angela said...

Your astounding intellect, superb writing, and uncommon insight will get you through this with flying colors! ;-)
Actually, it's true. But those pesky little ones running around that resemble you and Aaron...well this is a great time to teach Halle how to make mac and cheese. Hah! Look, it isn't going to be easy, it isn't going to be particularly instantly gratifying, and it isn't going to be perfect, but trust me- it's will be worth it in the end. And later you and Aaron will be saying "Remember that crazy time?"

Jennie Quillen said...

I love what Angie said in her last few sentences...so true! It may take a little while, but you'll get into the swing of things and grow more confident in yourself. You CAN do this and you definitely have what it takes. You have the smarts and the endurance to see this through! It will be so awesome when you get that Bachelor's degree and know that you worked your butt off and deserved that sucker fair and square! I love you so much and am proud of you for taking this on.

Anonymous said...

Um, are you my twin right now? I did the same thing. I signed up for a short story workshop because it was cheap and only lasts for six weeks. I just entered my credit card number and went, "La-dee-dah, I'm taking a writing class!" As soon as my credit card payment went through, I saw the fine print, which stated that I must have an 8-25 page completed short story to bring with me ON THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS!! Shocked, I was, and incredibly intimidated. However, that being said--I'm quite sure we'll both do fine. From what I remember, we're both pretty much cut out for school.


Anonymous said...

Ditto, ditto, ditto to Angie & Jennie. You're having firstdayitis, girlie girl! Whadda ya mean, no English classes for 10 years! Goodness, you did take a great class in editing and have even edited others' work!! And I happen to know that you are a very good thinker, a very good reader, and a VERY good writer. Take a few deep breaths.....relax....say a little prayer.....relax....get some sleep...and then, well, like Angie & Jennie said....!
~mom~ xxxoooxxxoooxxxooo

Anonymous said...

I am going to go the "growth mindset" route:

Amy, you are going to do really well in this class because you are going to work extremely hard. You are going to enjoy the learning process and put your heart into your assignments. I'm excited for you.

hoesayfina said...

You are one of the best communicators I know. I am continually blessed by the way you see things and how well you express them. Your recent comments on Adam's blog are proof that you are more than capable of doing well with words.

Praying for you,

Angela said...

Good luck on your first "official" day!

Amanda said...

Happy 1st-day-of-school! I was just saying yesterday as we were on campus that I feel the urge to go buy some new school supplies...

And a hearty ditto to all that "growth mindset" stuff Rishi wrote.