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Fount: Stories of Storms and Grace
The storms of life will come. They will shape us but they will not define us; they will test us but they will not destroy us. For we have the promise of Living Water: life-giving, sustaining, cleansing, refreshing. And grace—sometimes trickling like a stream, sometimes flowing like a fountain—will come just as surely.

In these eight stories of storms and grace, three authors bring you romance, suspense, and contemporary Christian fiction. From a flooded cellar in Maine, to an apple orchard in Ohio, to a wildfire in Montana, journey with these memorable characters as they navigate their way through depression, injustice, drug addiction, regret, supernatural powers, and other storms of life to find their way to grace.

Available in paperback at our e-store and on Amazon. Also available as an e-book for your Kindle on Amazon and for your Nook on Barnes & Noble.

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