Thursday, September 02, 2010

Immeasurably more?

Today I started a part-time job tutoring at a local high school. It was a kind of crazy thing because the normal teacher was in meetings off and on so there was a sub. A sub who wasn't great at keeping order or understanding instructions or giving instructions. She was nice and all, but I think I did more to keep the classes on task than she did.

But even with that, it wasn't too bad. And when the actual teacher was in the classroom, it was even better. I stood around for a lot of the day, but I also helped several students. I figure if I can look back on today and feel pretty good about it, then this could be an okay gig.

On an even brighter note, I recently completed my first copyediting test. It was for the Baylor U. Press, and they said I did "really well." Hear that? REALLY WELL!!! They are "definitely interested" in having me work for them, so once they've got a project, they'll contact me. I will be a real, live copyeditor. A professional, real, live copyeditor!

And in the midst of all this, I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed being at home. I've never dropped all the kids off and come back to a quiet house unless I was sick. But for the past two weeks, I have been at home. I can't quite put my joy into words. I absolutely love being at home. I've done dishes and laundry, I've hung out with friends and my husband, I've done some work. My sincere prayer is that the Lord provides enough freelance work that I'm able to do this indefinitely.

And in the absence of immediate work (I'm still waiting on responses from my tutoring fliers and have only had one response from my copyediting fliers), I think I'm finally going to start submitting some writing. Why not try to make some money that way, too?

It's a lot, these many balls I'm hoping to juggle. But if it actually works out . . . wow. That will be so much more than I ever imagined.


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Rishi said...

God is working, and He will keep working.

You are believing, and you will keep believing.

hoesayfina said...

what an amazing blank canvas you have to work with. and to be able to daily seek the Lord for what steps He might have for you. Awesome. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more with you. Perhaps you can get submit your NaNoWrMo story...for the life of me I cannot remember the "title". Praying for you. -m