Friday, June 25, 2010

Teaching, with a bit of poetry thrown in for good measure

I did my student teaching last night. No, I didn't actually teach kids; I taught my adult classmates. And I was nervous about it all yesterday. Years of public speaking experience? Yeah, I know. Singing, acting...? I know, I know! I was still nervous.

But once I got up there, I felt great! My voice shook a little when I was reading, but overall I had a great time. If this teaching gig can occasionally be like last night, then I think I can survive it.

Several other students did their practice teach last night, too, and one of them had us write an anthropomorphic poem. Anthropomorphic is just a fancy word for personification, so she had us pull objects out of a bag to write about. I drew a binder clip, and I was so pleased with my little ditty I had to share it with someone. Aren't you lucky?

I am a binder clip
My shiny silver clips
Clasp with sharp precision
Clicking closed
I am a binder clip
Bending, binding
Clicking, clacking
Gripping, grasping
Way better than a paper clip

*snap, snap, snap, snap, snap*


Chris said...

Whoa! What a shock at your new background! Nice change!
Of course I love your bending, clicking, gripping, binding, clacking, grasping ditty!

Angela said...

I love it.