Sunday, June 27, 2010

We think she can dance

*Update: I de-privatized the YouTube videos. Sorry 'bout that.*

So I completely forgot to post pictures and video from Chloe's recital last year. Here she is in her ballet costume. I took some pictures on the stage, but they were all really fuzzy.

And here, with some technical difficulty, is a really fuzzy video of her ballet dance. She's the one on the far left.

In fact, because of the extremely low quality of the video, I didn't even bother with videoing her tap routine. So here it is in pictures.

(The "BRA" in the background was part of a larger word at one point.)

Walking like an Egyptian

And now, Dance Recital 2010

Waiting to go on stage

Chloe and Lily

Video of Chloe's ballet. This is a little better quality than last year's, and is therefore taking 100 times as long to upload. (The slow upload time in general is one of the reasons I never posted last year's recital pictures. And never finished the Europe posts. Why, Blogger? Why?) *Update: I wasn't able to upload the video to Blogger, so I had to upload to YouTube.*

And the tap routine with some technical difficulties entirely beyond my control (this was during the dress rehearsal):

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Chris said...

Soooo nice! Chloe does such a great job - lovely form and "points" in the ballet piece, and pretty jazzy tapping! Loved it!
I still think you need to get the movie "White Nights" with Mikhail Baryshnikov and Gregory Hines so she can see them dance! Ballet & tap a the same time!