Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Bits of my sanity

I've been verging on overwhelmed the past several weeks, and desperately needed a creative outlet. So last Friday, at a Ladies' Luncheon at my house, we/I made collages. You can see Maria's lovely anniversary collage here (or a close-up here).

Below are pictures of my collage. It's sort of a reaction to my overwhelmed-ness, and an affirmation that, in spite of the extreme time/energy/sanity crunch that's resulted from me going back to school, I am GLAD I'm doing it.

The big picture

Close-ups: Upper left

Upper right

Bottom right

Bottom left


Anonymous said...

I'm having a ladies night out for the "Beach Girls" (you know?) in Feb, and thought about having them do collages - your lovely creation cinched the deal.
Aren't personal collages amazing in their effect on one's self...and others?

andrea_jennine said...

What a great, creative idea!

Angela said...

Good to know you are taking a few minutes for yourself, no matter how infrequently. I'm back from London, I'll call you later to chat. I want to know how your reunion went too.

hoesayfina said...

love the collage. i really like the 3-d visual effect from the accordion door..."fall into yourself" -very nice.


Jennie Quillen said...

How fun that you posted pictures of that! I am glad that you made time to finish it...it's awesome!!
And I am glad to hear that YOU are glad you are in school. I know that I have to keep reminding myself, it's not forever. Short term pain (yes, at times it is painful!) long term gain! That has become my mantra! You are doing it! You're the one that we all stand in awe of; the full time mother who put herself through school! You're simply amazing! I am so proud of you and love you very dearly! :-)