Friday, September 14, 2007

Great day for -isms

Noah-ism: I'm a good peeder.
Translation: I'm a good pee-er. (I think the "d" comes into play because we say we "peed".)

Halle-ism: Look! We got lip blam!
Translation: Look! We got lip balm! (She mis-read the aforementioned balm lid.)

Chloe-ism (in a high English accent): Where is my goblin?
Translation: Where is my goblet? (She just completely misunderstood what the cup was called since everyone else was speaking in a high English accent, too.)


Jennie Quillen said...

Too funny! Your kids are too darn cute!
I can totally see Chloe with her chin up speaking in her English accent asking where her goblin is and then laughing at herself for being silly.
And, I think they should re-name lip balm to lip blam--it's so much better!

Amy said...

I know! Aaron and I have been making jokes about lip blam ever since she said that!

Aaron said...

It's like your lips are all... BLAM!!

Angela said...

the thought of Chloe faking a high English accent is so funny!!!

Anonymous said...

Indeed, my dears, my lips are much fuller and lovelier since I replaced my lip balm with BLAM!