Friday, April 13, 2007

Walking in a Weird Wonderland

I have strep right now, and I would totally post pictures of my tonsils (which are more white than pink/red right now--I'm fascinated by gross, weird stuff like that), but I won't. It's really, really bad--just know that. I'm actually resorting to spitting instead of swallowing at this point. And the cruel irony of it all is that the substitute doctor (my real doctor is out of the country, wouldn't you know) prescribed me a super-duper decongestant, and it's preventing me from taking naps. I tried yesterday and today with no success. Can you imagine? Sick, and can't nap. It's just wrong.

But that's not the point of this post. The point of this post is Easter weekend. What an experience.

First, the snow. It was awesome, but very weird to get so much in April. Well, to get so much at all, let alone in April.

It was hard to capture how hard it was snowing, but it was really snowing hard. For hours! Of course, we don't get snow like this in December, when it might stick, but I'll take it however I can get it. The proof of how hard it was snowing is in the amount of accumulation. Of course, at first it was just melting as soon as it hit anything. But after a few hours, things started to turn white. Observe:

See that house across the street on the right? That roof has brown shingles. Also, if you click on the picture to make it bigger, you should be able to see the snow falling.

More snow!

Snow, snow, snow!

Preeeety snow!

The girls were able to make several snowballs and throw them at each other.

There's just something about snow that makes me all warm and fuzzy--y'know, in that strictly metaphorical sense. I really enjoyed it.

Aaron and I spent that afternoon paiting the living/dining room, and, oddly enough, the cold, wet weather made the paint dry very slowly! I'm not going to post pictures just yet--probably the next post will have remodel pictures.

Finally, on Easter Sunday, we went to Burleson to see my friend Kim from high school. We also went to a "real" church for the first time in...gosh, 4 years? It's been a while. It was sort of surreal. There were several parts we liked, and some we didn't. There were some things I don't miss at all (offering, alter calls), and some things I do (instruments). It was a good experience overall, and at the same time it made me very grateful for our little church community and the way we're fleshing this thing out. In any case, we went out to lunch after church and snapped a few pictures.

I think they're being Easter bunnies.

I love the way he's holding his hands.

Kim and I also had to take a picture together. Aaron offered to take it, but we had to explain that it's tradition to take it ourselves! Once again, observe:

See? Tradition. (That's actually my husband at the bottom. The other guys is our friend Aaron May. These are all from about 10 years ago, and I've got dozens more taken in this same fashion.) Anyway, here's the Easter picture.

After lunch we schmoozed with the Horton's ('cuz we're society like that), and then the kids and I drove home while Aaron went to the Ranger's game/bachelor party. Noah had a long day, and he fell asleep within about 5 minutes of getting in the van.

And that's all I got.


hoesayfina said...

oh man Strep- so sorry. I can identify and am glad that i haven't had it nearly 2 years, but for a week in June of 2005 i chose the spitting over swallowing. May you be healed quickly.

Thanks for sharing the snow pictures. We have heard great stories about the snow...didn't get to expereince it, but are glad to see your pictures. They are wonderful.

Hope you are well enough to Square Dance Sunday. -m

hoesayfina said...

okay..so much in one post. love the self portraits tradition...

That picture of Noah...that's one you save for future girlfriend(s)....:)

Anonymous said...

I love the concept of saving embarrassing pictures/stories for future girlfriends! We have quite a file going for my nephew...I wonder what they'll pay to keep us all quiet? (Hey, I'm an aunt, not his mother...it's OK for me to commit bribery, right? Besides, what if they bribes were for beneficial things, like cleaning the bathroom--or at least harmless ones, like baking cookies or, say, telling all his friends that his aunt is the coolest ever?)

Amy said...

My mom has a picture of me when I was two standing in the toilet, happy as a clam. Just standing there. My sister showed it to my first boyfriend.

Jennie Quillen said...

Oh yes. I remember that clearly. The first time he came to the house, I led him down the hall and showed him that lovely picture. What a grand moment for a little sister!

Anonymous said...

Wait, was that boyfriend Kevan? or one earlier than that? Because if it's Kevan then that is even funnier, for some reason.
The snow pictures are 10 times better when bigger. Very cool. I love the fact that there are green leaves on the trees with the snow.

Amy said...

Yeah, that was Kevan. (Is there an earlier one I had that I should know about?)