Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Great Contest About Some Random Person's Broken Arm, Which Took Place in April 2007 (the contest, not the broken arm).

This is Bob. Can you see Bob?
Bob can blog. Bob has two arms and two hands and ten fingers. Bob can blog with his arms and hands and fingers. Bob likes to blog. He blogs about his feelings. Do you have feelings? Everyone has feelings. Bob can blog about his feelings, and you can, too. Blog, Bob, blog!
Oh no! Bob has blogged too much! Do you see? Do you see Bob blogging too much?
Bob types and types on his computer. His fingers move fast. Watch Bob’s fingers as they type on the keyboard. But Bob’s fingers move too fast. The keyboard cannot handle Bob’s blogging. The keyboard explodes. Explode, keyboard, explode! Watch the keys as they fly through the air.
The force of the explosion breaks Bob’s arm. Do you see Bob’s arm? Do you see Bob’s arm break? Poor Bob.
But that is not all that happens to Bob. Oh, no! The keys from the keyboard fly through the air and hit Bob. One of the keys hits Bob hard in the arm. A key from the keyboard has lodged in Bob’s gaping wound. Poor Bob.
Bob has a foreign object in his body and a broken arm. Blogging has turned into a dangerous pastime for Bob.
Will Bob blog again? Maybe Bob will blog about his broken arm. Blog, Bob, blog!


Anonymous said...

Great job!

Any inspiration from Stranger Than Fiction?

Amy said...

No, but I can totally see the relationship!

Adam said...

I love it! Excellent work!

mary z said...

Wow--I love this a lot! Way to go, Bob! (Also, remind me to find you the link to an internet cartoon quite similar to this story...only a bit darker, if I remember correctly. Poor little typer ends up with no arms left, just poor little stumps.)

Anonymous said...

I just realized I never commented on this story. I'm sorry. One of those "I-did-it-in-my-head-so-thought-I-did-it-on-the-internet" type things. I think Bob was a good choice because it is good alliteration (sp?) with blog. I really love it, and it was completely different from anything I had in mind. Funny, and completely silly.

I too thought of the cartoon, I tried to find it, but I can't.

Brooke said...

yes i realize i am really late in reading this... but i just read it and wanted to say it's great and made me laugh! (Which is a good thing as I am currently up at 5:30am feeling crappy).