Thursday, February 01, 2007

Rubies and diamonds and such

I was going to share this the day that it happened, but, you know, I didn't. I was cleaning out my "My Documents" folder today (don't ask--I get fits of random organizational angst, but only for things that don't matter) and found this. (From some time in December, when Noah was sick.)
Aaron: Are you sick?
Noah: Yes.
Aaron: What hurts?
Noah: (Scans his body, as if assessing the damage, looking here and there, and finally, catching sight of a three-day-old scratch on his hand, replies,) My finger.
Aaron: Your finger hurts? Do you want me to kiss it?
Noah: Yes. (Offers up hand for obligatory boo-boo kiss.)
Aaron: Has mama been giving you medicine?
Noah: Yes.
Aaron: What did she give you?
Noah: (Thinks for a moment.) Milk.
And, some repeats, because they make me laugh.

Chloe: Mom, can I have a paper towel?
me: Sure … wait. Why do you need a paper towel?
Chloe: Halle has one!
me: Yes, but why do you need one?
Chloe: I need to put it on top of my cup.
me: You need to …what? Why?
Chloe: So it doesn’t spill!

Chloe was playing that she had died in a volcano accident. She was killed by the “hot llama”.

We had two Kirby vacuum cleaner guys come in our house to sell us a vacuum cleaner. I had no intention of buying, but he said he’d clean part of my house – like I’m gonna turn that down! The girls were just enthralled with the whole presentation, but Halle had some questions.
Halle: Mom, why did those guys come to our house yesterday?
me: Well, they were trying to sell us that vacuum cleaner.
Halle: Why? Because they didn’t want it?

Chloe said Halle had her arms around Chloe’s neck. Halle insisted this wasn’t true, that she’d had her arms straight out to her sides. So I asked how Chloe’s neck had gotten red, and Halle replied, “I don’t know, maybe it’s hot outside”.


Anonymous said...

You've gotta watch out for those hot llamas. They can get pretty mean.

[Moose, too. You know, a moose once bit my sister.]

This made me laugh out loud--a lot. Thanks for sharing!

hoesayfina said...

Great stories. You should submit them to readers digest - earn some extra cash. :)
I think the "hot llama" is my favorite, followed closely by the "milk medicine".

Anonymous said...

I think the milk medicine is my favorite, but hot llama is great! Perfect post to read on a Friday. Thanks.

~Melissa~ said...

Hmmm...note to self...call Kirby salesman for "free" housecleaning...

mary z said...

Were you able to maintain motherly dignity and disapproval when Halle claimed the heat was responsible for Chloe's neck?

I probably couldn't have, as a babysitter. The frown would have slipped, and it would have been all over.

Amy said...

Oh, Mary, there are so many times when I have to cover my mouth or turn around (at the least) or leave the room to compose myself. There have been times when I've been shaking with silent laughter and had to get it together so I could dole out discipline. It's rough. =)