Thursday, January 25, 2007

Good ol' WebMD

I'm not feeling well (pretty sure it's a cold), and I don't feel like really doing anything, so, to pass the time, I am looking at my symptoms on WebMD, and I've found this sentence. (WARNING: grossness alert)

"Your nose may teem with watery nasal secretions or become thicker and darker."

If my nose becomes thicker and darker, I'm definitely calling my doctor.

Proof that, yes, Virginia, the world DOES need editors.

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Geraldine said...

Oh, that's beautiful. Or beautifully sad in that Why-can't-people-write-in English-anymore? way. For more fun with language, you should check out engrish.com, a compilation of instructions and the like taken from Asian language translations--hilarious. One of my favorites, from some stationery a friend picked up at a toy store: A Hussy Sky.