Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Blue Pencil

I have started an editing business.

I first started talking about copyediting seven years ago, not too long after I started blogging. It was one of the main reasons I went back to school--to earn a degree that would one day allow me to edit--and I've been slowly acquiring experience ever since.

After editing my friend Karin Kaufman's indie novels (The Witch Tree, Sparrow House, and All Souls--check 'em out!)--my friend, who, by the way, is herself a copyeditor--I finally decided to jump in and make it official.

The Blue Pencil is where you'll find my editing alter-ego, so please pass the word if you or someone you know is an indie author and would like another set of eyes. Because, trust me, we ALL need another set of eyes.

Side note: I saw someone talking about how wonderful her editing skills were. This person's editing skills are so wonderful that she edits her own writing. Sigh. No, people. Just, no. Let me reiterate: We ALL need another set of eyes.

What's been interesting to me during the process of going public with this business is that, after all this time, I get SO NERVOUS when I start making anything public.

I placed an ad on the Kindle boards, and I was SO NERVOUS.

I wrote a promotional thread on the same boards, and I was SO NERVOUS.

It was a sort of irrational nervousness, a deep-seated anxiety, and no amount of calm logic would still the butterflies in my stomach as I was working on these things.

I suppose there is just so much wrapped up in finally making this dream a reality. There's excitement, of course, but there's also fear. Because, what if it doesn't work out?

But there's nothing for this fear but to Keep Calm and Carry On, as they say.

That and promotion, promotion, promotion. So I'd appreciate if you'd spread the word. Like my page on Facebook, tell all your writer friends, and visit The Blue Pencil often.

***Oh, Five Minute Friday, how you elude me. Shalt try again tomorrow, you and I.

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