Wednesday, January 13, 2010

small things

This week has been crazy busy at work. CRAZY. BUSY.

Baylor students started back to school on Monday, so I've had requests from teachers to change classrooms, students needing me to issue permits or waivers so they can add or change classes, textbook issues, and other start-of-semester administrative stuff.

But there've been several other things I've had to do over the past few days that have made me even busier. We're bringing in candidates so I'm helping to arrange travel for them, professors are back from break so they're turning in various forms to me for processing. The fall 2010 schedule is due this Friday so I'm finishing that up. Plus my coworker has been busy with some pressing issues, leaving me to deal with more stuff than I normally would (not her fault, them's just the breaks). On top of all that, phone and foot traffic have been extremely high this week (mainly due to the start of classes), so on top of juggling numerous tasks at one time, I've also been constantly interrupted.

It's been a rough week.

Emotionally I'm doing okay. I've been really worn out when I get home, but I haven't had a breakdown, so that's definitely positive news. (See that, depression? This is me appreciating the positive!) I did have a near breakdown tonight because I couldn't find my brand new dress pants that still need to be shortened before I can wear them. I looked everywhere. EVERYWHERE. I looked through all the dirty clothes in my room, the dirty clothes in the hampers, the clean clothes in the baskets (this despite the fact that I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I had not yet taken the tags off, and, ergo, had not yet washed them). I looked under my bed, under the couches, under the dining room table, in Noah's room, in my dresser, Aaron's dresser, Halle's dresser (I couldn't get to Chloe's dresser--long story), my closet, the upstairs closet, and in all my sewing stuff. Nowhere. I was getting panicky. I felt like I couldn't breathe and was about to start crying really hard. Brand new pants. Haven't worn them once. Can't find them.

But I kept breathing, didn't break down crying, and eventually found them in a shoe box in my room. I have no idea how they got there, but I found them. And, yes, welcome to my world--pants in a shoebox.

So as I was laying in bed trying to calm down from the near-breakdown so I could get some sleep, I was reflecting on how crazy this week has been and hoping things calm down before I start school next week.

And then a profound gratefulness washed over me that school didn't start this week like I had thought it would. Goodness! If I'd have started school this week on top of all the work stuff, I'd be a mess right now. A great big heap of crying, hyperventilating mess.

But, no, school doesn't start until next week. And, on top of that, tomorrow's my last work day this week and I have a four-day weekend.

Pants found. Breakdown avoided. Break coming up. Thank you, Jesus.

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Angela said...

Good luck today! Thinking of you.