Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Halle!

Halle recently celebrated her 10th birthday. Aaron and I gave her the choice of having a party with her friends, which is what we usually do, or having a family outing to Practically Pikasso. She chose the family outing, which made us happy and proud (and thrilled). I will post pictures of our creations at some point in time, but first, the party.

The cake is supposed to be an artist's palette, to accompany the art-y theme of Practically Pikasso. Halle picked this out of our cake book. And, to those of you wondering, no, I did not use the Betty Crocker 100 Piece Decorating Kit. It's not my best work, but it tasted good.

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hoesayfina said...

Great family birthday outing. I too considered Practically Pikasso (briefly in my head) for Annie's birthday party. But, think that will be an Annie and Mommy or just a family event sometime for all of us. Look forward to seeing your creations. -maria