Sunday, November 02, 2008

Merry Christmas

You can give Living Water. You can give to Make It Right. Or sponsor a child through Compassion International. Or give to Mission Waco. Or buy some awesome gifts through World Vision.

What would happen if you really did that? If I really did that? If we really did that?

Let's find out.


Chris said...

Mercy Ships is one of my favorite organizations, because they truly give with the two handed Gospel - free medical help to the desperate for their needs in this life only, hand-in-hand with the Gospel message of the redeeming love of Christ for their even greater needs in this life and the next.

Angela said...

Or Kiva! You could actually get the money back, or just keep re-investing. And it isn't handouts or charity; it is something that builds pride in the individuals receiving it and forces them to use the money wisely!!

Incidentally, I know a woman who grew up on a Mercy Ship. The poor thing had to go from traveling the world to a high school classroom in Lindale when her dad was stationed there. She says she was sent to the principal office all the time for "sassing" the geography teacher when he didn't know what he was talking about.

Aaron said...

This is really powerful. 450 Billion... That's staggering.