Wednesday, November 26, 2008

15 minutes in the life

Noah has a highly refined sense of fashion. Why, only last night he displayed his unique and, erm, forward-thinking style when he dressed to go with me to pick Halle up from her piano lesson. His couture included a too-small shirt, a jacket, shoes with no socks, and his underwear, no pants. In addition, he wore one blue glove. The establishment insisted that he add pants to his ensemble and, his artistic expression squashed, we proceeded to get Halle.

For her part, Halle was particularly interested in the one glove. She inquired as to the inspiration.

"Are you trying to be like Michael Jordan?"

"No, Halle," I laughed. "Michael JACKSON."

Noah instantly perked up. "Michael AND Jackson?"

True story.


sandy said...

Noah is hysterically funny. I mean where does he get his material from? Seriously he comes up with some really funny stuff. Though not nearly so funny, it reminds me of a time when Laurel asked where we were going in the car, and I said to Michael's meaning the craft store and she was so disappointed when we didn't arrive at Kim and Michael's house. Poor thing. The way from our house on Grim to Michael's took us right past the Olmstead's house on Harlan. I kept going and boy was she confused and mad because she thought she was going to go play with Caleb.

Brooke said...

Thanks for the laugh!

hoesayfina said...

I'm thankful that he has no idea who Michael Jackson is....and it blesses me that he thought you meant Michael & Jackson! :) Missed you at His Hill. :) Lots of good food and memories. The Ark was much much better in November. It was clean and they made my bed! Yay!

Angela said...

Too cute.
Funnily enough, I always think of you when Michael Jackson comes up. But only because you told me you were convinced he lived in that apartment off Broadway when you were a kid, and its one of those odd things that stuck in my head.

Chris said...

Amy thought Michael Jackson lived in an apartment in Tyler???? When???? Where????
I didn't know that!!!!!!

Amy said...

I don't remember that, either. Although...was it the apartments right by Times Square Theater?

Aaron said...

whe i was a kid, i thought that the black guy from 700 club was God.

Chris said...

Aaron thought the black guy from 700 Club was God????? I didn't know that!!!!!!

Angela said...

No, it was the apartment on Broadway, right by the main cemetary. Across from the Xerox office. Kind of a greyish blue.
I'm going to be highly embarrassed if I have you mixed up with another childhood friend, but I can't imagine who. And I remember, I decided you must have thought that since you grew up in Tyler, (which was a big city to me). And I was just a country bumpkin incapable of such a fantastic imagination.

Anonymous said...

Covering all my bases:

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Amy...Happy Birthday to YOU!!"

Much love and birthday fun being wished your way.