Sunday, July 29, 2007

Before and After

All told, this post has taken me about 3 hours or more to complete. That's pretty much the reason it took so long to get it posted--it took me a long time to DO it. I really just finished right now. I was originally going to just post after pictures, but they're not as much fun as when you can see the before, too.

Drum-roll, please...



The chair is mid-recover. Sub-before:

sub-after (well, it's really a mid...):
Here's a closer view of the fabric. The color isn't showing true in the picture, but in real life this fabric was very instrumental in helping me decide on the wall color.Moving on. Before:


The wall on the right is where all of the pictures will go, like this:


And, after-after. See, we had moved the computer, and the related big huge desk, out of the LR/DR and into our room. But now that Aaron is sleeping days (working nights), it's very hard to use the computer in our room, so we moved it back into the DR, but with a smaller desk (that, incidentally, I brought back with us in the van from Michigan. I was highly impressed that it fit at all, and especially that it fit with all our luggage, too.)

Transitional picture to the next before (sorry, no corresponding before to this one):

Again, you can't tell, but the light is pewter here. And, after, it's brown (with the ceiling [still] in need of some touch-up):

And, for the heck of it:

That's all folks! I'm very proud of this room, and can still just sit here and look around, enjoying it. What a difference to before, when I would sit and look around and criticize the room.

Michigan trip pictures to follow, no promise as to when.


Anonymous said...

Finally! The wait is over! It looks awesome, Amy! I know (believe me) how hard you guys worked and can understand the joy of just sitting and admiring all your hard work! What a transformation!

Angela said...

As an interior designer and your friend I say: I love the colors! And the furniture is perfect. I also love the chair that you recovered. It looks fantastic, really. Congratulations! Job well done.

andrea_jennine said...

How lovely!

hoesayfina said...

wow! great job. i too like the chair. -m

Amanda said...

Way to go, Amy! Love the colors, the desk from your mom's house in Michigan (I'm still amazed you were able to get it back with all the people & their luggage the van already had to bring back), the bottles lined up on the mantle, &, of course, the pictures.

MizMell said...

Love the choice of color. Everything looks so comforting.