Friday, May 11, 2007


fip-fops = flip-flops
wapple = waffle
starbilly = strawberry
zreba (yes, you read that right) = zebra
vernilla = vanilla= ice cream of any flavor ("Noah, do you want ice cream?" "Yay! Vernilla!")
ABC = H.E.B.
I want to soft you/him/her = I want to give you a soft pat (this is used when Noah has hurt someone, inadvertantly or on purpose, to show we're sorry. For example: "I'm sorry, Daddy. Let me soft you." or "Noah, don't pull Bob's tail; leave him alone." "No, I want to soft him.")

Also, a related list:
Things You Never Thought You'd Say

Don't put your sucker in your toes.
Don't eat your sister.
Don't lick the cat.
No, I don't have a penis.

Pictures of the completed living room (new furniture and all) are forthcoming. I'm waiting till we get our pictures hung, unless that takes too long.


~Melissa~ said...

Remind me not to read your blog when I have food in my mouth--it's a choking hazard!!! :-) Those are hilarious!

hoesayfina said...

Has he ever told you he saw a zreba wearing fip-fops eating starbilly wapples with vernilla ice cream at ACB?

Angela said...

I love the "soft" one best, but "No, I don't have a penis." is mighty hilarious.

sandy said...

Here's another one to add. I caught Laurel flipping a coin(a penny) and this is what she was saying: "Heads, buildings, etc. etc." She has a point.

Mark said...

I love these. Toddlers are great entertainment.

Brooke said...

i love your 2nd list. Too funny!

Anonymous said...

It's taking too long.