Thursday, March 01, 2007

The end of the drought

I have posted to my NaNo site.

Please don't kick me.

If you want an invite, let me know.


Anonymous said...

I laid my soul bare for all to see, but alas...who would dare look in a dungeon but those already imprisoned! *

Geraldine said...

You know what, I'd like an invite. I'm crazy busy at work until the legislature's out of session (about three more months), but I'd love to catch up as I can.

Angela said...

anon- huh?

unless of course you are referring to the dungeon which we shall call "Amy's House of Taunt".

Because, I'm in that one.

Amy said...

"Amy's House of Taunt", I like that.

Ha, ha. =)

Adam said...

I promise not to kick you.

(since you said please)

Anonymous said...

Amy- I thought you might.

Anonymous said...

Of course I do!