Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Amy Hates...

This blog was inspired by Adam's. I tried feels, likes, and wants, but none of them were that funny, so I had to revert to "hates". Yup, had some time on my hands.

Selected top ten Google search results for "Amy hates"...

1. Amy hates snow cones.
2. Amy hates bamboo, mylar balloons, polyester dinner napkins, hot sauce, homemade soaps, high-fiving, gourds, futons and constipation.
3. Amy hates math.
4. Amy hates planes, just like BA Baracus on "The A Team," minus the mohawk and gold chains.
5. Amy hates the thought of being sold, but there isn’t much she can do about it with her uncle threatening her mother.
6. Amy hates the gray wall color her husband Craig surprised her with.
7. Amy hates being called a Diva.
8. Amy hates my black zipper shoes from Corea.
9. Amy hates this particular procedure.
10. Amy hates cleaning up cat vomit.


Anonymous said...

You made a reference to "The A Team," and that makes you cool.

Adam said...

Well done! I hadn't thought of "hate." Excellent choice.

Anonymous said...

1. Christine likes to blend in without intruding on the festivities
2. Christine likes spicy food and thus when it says spicy she does spicy.
3. Christine likes French!
4. Christine likes swimming and Steve
5. Christine likes to pretend that she's just arrived from another planet
6. Christine likes to say "I believe in wine drinking, not wine thinking. There's simply
no substitute for pulling corks."
7. Christine likes men in uniform
8. Christine likes to try her hand at various things and
accumulate different experiences
9. Christine likes to dance in her skivvies to Neil Diamond in her living room
10. Christine likes Ginger Snaps too, and the Hong Kong thriller The Eye from the
Pang brothers (Oxide and Danny), which managed to freak her out