Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Christianity Today articles

I thought this was a great article on Heaven. Intriguing and inspiring and intellectual. What more could you ask for?

Also, here's an interview for Cameron Crowe fans (Jerry MaGuire, Almost Famous). Yay for Christianity Today!!


hoesayfina said...

Amy, Thanks for this. One of my deepest scars from my childhood came after my grandmother passed away and i asked if i we would see her in heaven. the response, "i don't know". And i don't think it was because she wasn't saved. But, rather because heaven is misunderstood. And i meant physically see when i asked the question. So, i truly appreciate #3 that follows from the Heaven article.

"3. Will we recognize our loved ones in Heaven?

"George Macdonald answers this question with a counterquestion: "Will we be greater fools there than here?" Of course we will know our loved ones. This is a divinely designed, essential part of our joy. We are not designed to be solitary mystics, lovers of God alone, but to be, like God himself, lovers of men and women as well.

"Just as Jesus on Earth loved each person differently and specially—he did not love John as he loved Peter, because John was not Peter—so we are designed to love people specially. There is no reason why this specialness should be removed, rather than added to, in eternity. Our family and special friends will always be our family and special friends. In this life a child begins to learn to love by loving mother, then father, then siblings, then pets. The concentric circles of love are then gradually expanded, but the beginning lessons are never abandoned. There is no reason to think God rips up this plan after death."

Adam said...

Good stuff (I particularly like some of the same stuff Maria quoted).

I'm glad you have found ChristianityToday.com Amy. I check this site most every day and I think there are often interesting articles - I like their movie reviews too.