Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Look at those faces!

See that badge on the right? The one that says, "Sponsor a Child"? It changes so that every time you visit my blog, you get to see a new Compassion kid who needs a sponsor.

There are lots of Compassion badges to choose from, but I chose that one for a reason. I wanted to put a face to this need. It's easy to ignore words. We have words thrown at us every day from all sorts of places: Facebook, Twitter, email, blogs, newspapers (does anyone read those anymore?).

But faces? There's something about faces. A picture and a thousand words and all.

Going into the concert a few weeks ago, I anticipated that our family would sponsor a child. I did not foresee us sponsoring two children. But as we were looking through the packets of kids who needed sponsors, we saw Caleb's picture.

Aaron and I looked at each other. Something about him pulled at us. But we had pre-determined that since Diana was close to the girls' age, we were looking for someone close to Noah's age. So we put Caleb's packet down and continued to look. We found someone who met the requirements, someone who'd been waiting a long time, and we filled out the paperwork.

But Aaron kept returning to Caleb's picture. As our friends shuffled through the packets and picked their kids, Caleb's packet was still there. Finally, Aaron picked up Caleb's packet and handed it to me. "This one, too," he said.

Once we had seen Caleb's face, we couldn't turn away. You see, Caleb is ours.

Is there a kid meant for you? Jot on over to the Compassion sponsor page. Look through the pictures, read about these kids who need help. Some of them are at a higher risk for exploitation and abuse just because of where they live. Some of them live in an area affected by AIDS. Some of them have been waiting a long time for a sponsor. All of them could use your help.

It's only $38 a month to put a smile on one of those faces.


Rebecca @ Better Life Bags said...

This made me tear up: "This one, too," he said.

What an awesome husband you have :) We have a compassion child, too - I need to write him more. Why is something so simple so hard for me to do? I'm so selfish sometimes!

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