Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This is community

(And although I am discussing TV shows in this post, I am not discussing the TV show "Community." Great show, just not relevant here.)

There are a lot of things that come to mind when I think of our community of believers here in Waco. I think of Thankquets and baptisms, of support during unemployment and 10-year celebrations

But I also think of Weat Wing.

Our family gets together weekly (ideally) with two other families for dinner. We originally planned to watch the show "West Wing" together. Some people lost interest (*cough*Aaron*cough*), and the rest of us were distracted by the sheer number of kids (7 at the time, now 9. Geez.). Their constant noise and interruptions made it impossible to listen to the snappy dialogue.

What was great about this semi-failed attempt is that we were borrowing the TV series from another church family who had acquired the DVDs on a trip to Thailand. Evidently the box set is not on the up-and-up because instead of being titled "West Wing," it says "Weat Wing." Clever way to avoid copyright infringement? Who knows.

While we were still attempting to watch the show, and since the opening credit music didn't have words, Rishi came up with these lyrics:

"The Weat Wing!
What'sthepresident GOnna DO toDAY?
The Weat Wing!"

And somehow, that became the name of our weekly dinner gathering. We're not having dinner with the Srirams and the Williamses; we're having Weat Wing.

We haven't had it for a while, though. With summer, people have been traveling or have had out-of-town guests. But Weat Wing appeared on the family calendar for this week, and my kids went crazy."Yay! Weat Wing!" Halle's been singing the song all week, and this morning it's been stuck in my head.

"The Weat Wing!
What'sthepresident GOnna DO toDAY?
The Weat Wing!"

I think this is one of the many theme songs of community.

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