Thursday, May 17, 2012

Queen of my domain

Something Deep and Witty has a new domain: amykmaddox.com. That's right, I'm a website. Also, please note it is .com, because .net is for losers.

Go ahead and adjust your shortcuts, links, and radio presets. The old address should redirect to the new, but why be stuck in the past?

amykmaddox.com. All the cool kids are visiting it.


Adam said...

What a brilliant idea!


Angela said...

Cool, cool. :-)

Anonymous said...

All hail the Queen!

I don't understand why google won't accept my posts; therefore I remain anonymous. xoxoxoxoxmomoxoxoxoxo

hoesayfina said...

"Your Majesty, Thank you for allowing me to visit your domain" she says as she bows at her computer desk. :) FUN!