Saturday, May 05, 2012

Grunts to spits

Or, Micah: March to May

This is shameless mommy-blogging, and I normally don't do that. But in my defense, I am posting these mainly for my mom. However, if you want to bask in the profound adorable-ness of my fourth-born, go right ahead.

What follows is a series of videos taken from early March right up until today showcasing Micah's various talents:

Grunting boy

Kicking boy

Grinning boy

Bouncing boy

Talking boy

Bath boy

Spitting boy


Anonymous said...

I came, I basked, I laughed. Amy's mom loved these! Watching them full screen on U Tube made me feel like I was there with you. They were all great, but the last one is probably my favorite. I wonder if he's always going to be that talkative!

Angela said...

I foresee a lot of time-outs for talking in class in his future. Oh my gosh, he's just so vocal. I love it. So, so, so cute.