Monday, October 10, 2011

Not quite

Yesterday, I awoke to temperatures in the mid-60s and torrential rain. It was so incredibly lovely.

Until I went into my room to get dressed so I could go sit on the porch and enjoy the incredible loveliness and discovered that our roof was leaking.

Water was steadily drip-drip-dripping through the roof, into the attic, through the insulation, and into the ceiling fan in our bedroom.

There was a small hole in the roof. We had a pretty large branch fall on the roof a couple of months ago, but we never saw any damage. It turns out part of the branch punctured the roof, broke off, and left a small part of itself lodged in the roof.

The good news is that the hole in the roof wasn't that big, and other than the ceiling fan, which was already old and funky, nothing was damaged other than our ceiling. Also, the roof repair shouldn't cost too much.

The bad news is that we're really going to need to replace the ceiling--or at least large parts of the ceiling--in our bedroom. Yesterday's leak, when considered along with a separate spot where our water heater leaked earlier this year, means we now have two large places with water damage. That repair will probably be relatively costly and inconvenient.

The neutral-to-bad news is that my lovely, rainy, cool, cloudy fall day was just kind of ruined. I'm very grateful we got the rain--almost 6 inches in some places! And I was very glad for the cooler weather. But the little boost I was expecting from the day--the boost that I experienced for all of 1.5 minutes--was rather dampened (ahem) by all the resulting inconveniences.

Boo. And *sigh*.


Angela said...

You can't just patch the two places? I have no idea what the ceiling looks like.
Sorry about that, but thank goodness for the rain.

Amy said...

We didn't have any shingles on hand, but we were able to get the roof fixed for $50. The ceiling is another matter. We had to 'pop' it to get the water to drain out, and then the sheetrock was all soggy for a good 2-foot radius. Not to mention it looked like crap before all this happened. It was sagging a little already and now it's even worse, so now I'm worried about mold growing in there somewhere.

But, yes, I'm glad it rained. I believe it's raining again right now, but I can't tell because I work in a basement. =)

Angela said...

You might be able to look into a dropped ceiling for less cost. It won't look as good, although there are options that look better than others.