Thursday, July 08, 2010

Why it takes me so long to post pictures

Because I'm a verbal and visual rambler, that's why. I can't tell you how many pictures there are that Aaron looks at and asks, "Why did you take this?" and I answer, "For my blog. Duhhhh."

But when I start blogging the pictures and accompanying story, I discover there are other pictures I need, so I look for them, and then take more, and then upload... It's a problem. In fact, I still have a picture of the big gun in front of a barbecue place on Franklin Ave. because I've waited and waited for a blog post where I'd say, "We had to roll out the big guns." But, alas, such a post has yet to exist. But I've got the picture to go with it!!!

Do you remember last December when I was working on a window seat cover for the girls' room? I got it finished several months ago. So many months ago, in fact, that I'd completely forgotten that I still haven't finished the pillows. Hmm. So, more pillows to come (there are currently two of the pink and one blue. I've got to sew the second blue one and then I've also got some yellow polka-dot fabric from which to make pillows).

This was taken at the same time as the one below, but I used flash in an attempt to show the true colors of the fabrics.

The piping is purple and was actually much easier to sew in than I'd thought it would be. My problems ended up coming from some sort of strange measurement that I messed up. I ended up having to piece some things together. I also had to sew and rip seams about three or four or forty times at the very end because I just wasn't sure what I'd done wrong. BUT it's done. It's much looser than I'd like, but I'm very pleased overall.

The pillows were much, much easier. I'm particularly proud of the contrasting edging. It's like piping, but without the actual piping.

One of my latest home projects also involves fabric (but not sewing), so I'll go ahead and post it here, too. Rishi and Amanda recently got a new (to them) dining room table and chairs, so they were going to get rid of their old chairs. As they're some pretty great folding dark wood chairs, I volunteered to take them off their hands. Three of the chairs are just slatted chairs, but three of them have cushioned seats.

(As I'm writing, I'm realizing this is a longer story than I originally thought. I have now spent thirty minutes scrolling through my pictures so I can demonstrate to you the following.)

A few months ago, I took the fabric off the kitchen chairs so I could wash it. I bought this fabric several years ago before my living/dining room was redone because said chairs were originally in the dining room. Fabric is often the first way I decide on colors for a room, so this fabric was certainly inspirational.

Ha ha! I found a picture! See the fabric on the chairs? Yes. This is what I'm talking about. (And look at sweet baby Noah! Awww!) These chairs moved to the kitchen once we got the new floors and the new (to us) table and the new colors...

ANYWAY, the black metal chairs had been moved to the kitchen, and the fabric had been stained and washed and used and washed several times, so it was faded. And stained. So a few months back I had removed the fabric once more to wash it but had never gotten back around to recovering the kitchen chairs. They're currently covered in a green fabric that doesn't really come into play in this story.

So. Available fabric, new chairs. Perfect combination, right? Except, after I'd covered one of the new/used folding wooden chairs, it looked pretty good, but the fabric was still faded and stained. I wasn't as pleased with the outcome as I wanted to be. And then I had a flash. I was pretty sure I had some leftover fabric sitting somewhere from when I'd first covered the metal chairs. I looked in the fabric bin, and lo and behold...fresh, beautiful fabric! Only enough for two chairs, but that's all I'd permanently use, anyway.

(The third chair like this is currently residing--in its original fabric--in the upstairs closet alongside its wooden slatted cousins.)

What's so great is that this isn't even the fabric I ended up using to choose the paint color, but it still goes so well. I'm very pleased with the effect.

And the black metal chairs with the green fabric? They're soon going to be covered in this.

That's right. I'm painting the kitchen red. Someday. And speaking of paint...no, that's next post. You'll just have to wait.


Chris said...

aaahhh....finally I get to see it! I had forgotten what all the fabrics looked like - they look great together. And your piping and non-piping add some nice pizazz. Good job!!
What a coup that new floral fabric is on those brown chairs - Perfectly lovely!!!

Angela said...

I really love all the fabric choices. They look great.