Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Things that make you go, "Hmm..."

Do you ever look for cosmic reasons behind insignificant things? I do.

If there are several unavoidable things that end up making me late leaving the house, I wonder if the Lord has spared me from being in a car wreck or something. Maybe it's just life, but maybe it's Divine Intervention.

My kids have a dentist appointment in late October, and as I was going to enter the information on my google calendar, I noticed that I have NaNoWriMo on my calendar for the month of November. Strange, I think. I don't remember putting that there. So I open it up to see if perhaps it's left over from three four years ago, even though I don't remember it being there. At all. Ever.

Nope, it's a non-recurring event. It just magically showed up on my calendar.

Maybe it's just life.

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