Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Things that make you go, "Hmm...", Part 2

Look at me! Two blogs in one night! (Read the other one first, though.)

So I have to turn in three visuals with my 4th chapter of my memoir, and I figured I'd turn in a picture of my first book (written in 5th grade, of which I have the original. Turns out sometimes it's good to keep random stuff forever) and a picture of my most recent book. (Remember this post?) I'm not sure what the third visual will be.

Funny enough, as I was just re-reading that post about my book, I realized/remembered that I had never planned to take the Project AST course (see above post). You know, the course that led to my realization that I'm a writer? I only signed up for it because the other course fell through and I had NO IDEA what else to take that summer.

Hmm. Maybe it's life. Or maybe it's Divine Intervention.


Angela said...

A screen shot of your blog?

Amy said...

No, a picture of my book, which I posted on my blog. =)

Angela said...

I meant for the the third visual.

Amy said...

Ohhhhhh. Hmm. That's definitely an idea.