Thursday, April 15, 2010


I got this email today from my advisor (and favorite professor at UIS), Dr. Tena Helton. As I said in an email to my family, if I were wearing buttons, they'd be bursting! Also of note: graduation is exactly one month from today.

Dear Amy,
The English Department is very happy to designate you as our marshal this year at graduation. It means that you were selected by the entire department from a competitive list of students for your academic abilities and your engagement with the classes you’ve taken. You’ve impressed us all.
At graduation, you will have a special stole and will be first in line as English undergraduates walk across the stage. It also means that this honor is designated in the graduation program and that the designation is announced at the ceremony.
As Terry Bodenhorn, our interim chair mentioned, this is quite an honor.


Angela said...

Look at you- all grown up. :-) So proud of you because you also accomplished this with three kids, a husband, and a job taking up your time too.

andreajennine said...

That's great! Brava.

P.S. Brandt has a nurse named Amy who totally reminds us of you in looks and manner.

Rishi said...

That's awesome, Amy!

And Andrea...I have a student in one of my classes that reminds me completely of you!

hoesayfina said...

Marshal Amy! Congrats! You've worked hard and of course are so smart! Well done! -maria