Thursday, November 12, 2009

...from ashes

More articles. Sorry.

Except, I'm not sorry.

You may have heard of Steven Curtis Chapman, and you may know his youngest daughter died under particularly tragic circumstances a little more than a year ago. He has a new album out, so there's lots of press out there right now. But this is not slick, new-album marketing; this is not glossed over in any way. This is real. This man has poured his grief and hope and anger and faith into these songs, and that is coming through in the press. I admire so deeply the way he and his family have dealt with this, not glossing over the grief, and not giving into it either; living relatively publicly that constant struggle of faith. This whole thing has touched me deeply, so I wanted to share.

So. The articles.

An interview from Christianity Today.

An article from CNN.

And, best of all, streaming music on his website. I wept through the entire first song, but not entirely out of sadness. I guess the title of the album just really sums it up.

Beauty Will Rise.

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