Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Did I mention I *heart* projects?

As if my posts here and here weren't enough to convince you how much I love projects, here's another one.

Noah's room is very bright. This is lovely and all for daytime play, but isn't so great for Saturday morning sleeping in. I've wanted to get curtains for his room for just about as long as the boy has been alive, but just never did. Curtains are friggin' expensive. So the boy has gone curtain-less.

Until I recently had a brainstorm (it does happen every once in a while). See, we had these light-khaki-colored cotton duck curtains in our living room when we lived in Tyler.

They were great at blocking the neighbor's view into our picture window. But when we moved to Waco, we didn't have anywhere to put them. Sure, we could have put them in our current living room, but the curtain rods don't suit our present living room window configuration, so they went into our bedroom. And, well, curtain rods are friggin' expensive. Besides, we didn't really want curtains in the living room. They messed up the vibe. So, the curtains sat on a shelf in our closet for five years. Wait, six years. Geez.

Until the recent brainstorm. One day I was contemplating the curtain dilemma and suddenly thought, why not dye the light-khaki-colored curtains? Brilliant! One trip to Jo-Ann, $15, and about 3 hours later, voila! Kelly green curtains that uncannily matched Noah's kelly green canvas bins. Does it get any better? No, it does not.

(The color is a little off. Whereas before this room got lots of sunlight, the curtains have made it darker, and I had a hard time getting good lighting. In real life, it's a great kelly green).

And then the kelly-green-colored curtains sat on Noah's dresser for two or three months until I could find some reasonably priced curtain rods. I considered finials and all, especially since Pottery Barn Kids had some stinking cute, glow-in-the-dark star finials. But PBK is a little out of my budget range, and besides, they no longer carry those finials. Instead, I went with the traditional, cheap curtain rods, with a twist. They're brown and have mini-finials. Say that five times fast: mini-finials, mini-finials, mini-finials...

And so, the curtains are now hung and Noah's room is completely finished and decorated.

Well, okay, not really. See, I only bought enough dye for four curtains because I thought I was going to just hang one per window. But that didn't look right, so I had to do the traditional two curtains per window. I need to buy more dye so I can do two more curtains. But at least I don't have to buy more curtains!

And, yeah, so we haven't quite finished the wall where we closed in the door to the living room. And it turns out, Noah has this thing for superheroes, hence the Transformers poster that just does NOT go with the star theme.

And, in the interest of full disclosure, you should know there are Spider-Man sheets under the quilt. But at least he'll sleep longer in them on Saturday morning!


Angela said...

How did you dye them? Was it a washing machine thing? I'm asking because I've been thinking about dying a few things, and I can't do it in a washing machine, because I don't have one.

Amy said...

Yeah, I bought liquid dye and did it in the washing machine. It was the easiest way. Otherwise I had to do a dye bath in a really large container...bleh.

But in your case...could you use a laundromat? They might freak out, but one of the steps after dying is to run a load with just soap and bleach to get rid of any leftover dye. I have no idea what dye protocol is at a laundromat.

Chris said...

I think dye protocol at a laundromat means not telling anyone what you're doing! They'll never know after that soap and bleach job!

Aaron said...

Dry cleaners will do dye jobs sometimes. But, yeah, i say do it in a laundromat. Be a rebel.

Angela said...

Hmmm... do I dare? I might. I usually sneak in a rug or two when they aren't looking. Yeah, I know- shocking but rebellion is in my nature.