Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ode to raking

So, this is a poem I wrote more than three years ago. It's a very deep look into my soul, and explores the special place I have in my heart for raking. While it's been a while since I've raked my yard, I did other yard work last week, and the feeling is pretty similar.

I hate raking; it’s a blight on the season.
Every year I dread it, and I think I know the reason:
Blisters on my hands, dirt in my nose,
Leaves in my hair and acorns under my toes.
There’s not one redemptive thing ‘bout raking, because when
I’m finished raking up the yard…I have to start again.


Chris said...

Yes, I can see you went very deep into your soul for that one! It brought to mind the spontaneous poem you wrote when we went to our remedial driving class together - do you still have that one?

Angela said...

I have only one comment: There's always room for more!
(I would like to point out that this has become a mantra for me on many things including but not limited to the dishwasher, the trash in the kitchen, the laundry hamper, and my closet.)