Tuesday, August 04, 2009

More from the archives

A couple of years ago, Rishi hired Amanda and me to overhaul our house church's song books. At the time we met in two different groups--a Sunday night group and a Sunday morning group. Each group had different song books. Some of the songs were the same, and some were different. There were all sorts of formats and finding songs was often difficult. As we began to meet more often as a whole church, the need for unified books became apparent. This was particularly important to Rishi, because things like that are important to Rishi, so he offered to pay Amanda (his wife) and me to complete the job. In an effort to get the job done in a timely fashion, we agreed on a deadline. But then, of course, life happened, including a rather large move for Rishi and Amanda, and we found ourselves in need of an extension. What follows is the request Amanda and I wrote asking for more time to complete the song book project.

With regards to the Church in Waco Song Book Project (henceforth known as The Project), we, Amelia Kathryn Maddox and Amanda Len Sriram (henceforth known as The Projectors) do hereby request that an extension be granted with regards to the 1 October 2006 deadline (as agreed upon in Verbal Agreement 1.1 with Mr. Rishi Sriram, henceforth known as The Projectile) due to several unforeseen and/or unavoidable interruptions, delays, and incursions to said deadline. The following is an extensive, although not necessarily inclusive, list of interruptions, delays, and incursions, and should be sincerely and unreservedly considered by The Projectile as valid, compelling, and legitimate grounds for granting the requested extension:
i) facilitation of the well-being of the offspring of The Projectile, including, but not limited to: diaper changes, multiple daily feedings, clean-up, transportation, entertainment, discipline, and affectionate displays of Love
ii) facilitation by The Projectors of the well-being of the offspring of other Church in Waco Saints, including, but not limited to, the Maddoxes, the Olmsteads, the Taylors, the Whatleys, the Griggses, and the McPhees
iii) unprecedented demands on time of The Projectors due to another endeavor whose deadline was immovable, inflexible, and unchangeable, namely Painting, Cleaning, and Generally Home-making Johnny’s House. (Please reference one email dated 20 September 2006 from Mr. John Kinnaird, Community Bank & Trust, expressing the extreme gratitude Mr. Kinnaird possessed due to the completion of the Painting, Cleaning, and Generally Home-making Project.) Questions about the validity of completing said endeavor before The Project may be directed to Mr. Kinnaird or Mrs. Erin Griggs.
iv) packing, storing, transporting, and unpacking the household items of The Projectile and one Projector, including, but not limited to, accoutrements, bric-a-brac, and appurtenances, a venture which has even yet not been fully accomplished due to the overwhelming nature of the undertaking, as well as to item v)
v) overseeing, facilitating, and guiding various improvements, repairs, and enhancements to the new domicile of The Projectile and one Projector
vi) an unforeseen delay in the receipt of an original Song Book, which was vital to the accuracy, exactitude, and functionality of The Project
It should also be noted that approximately 69.839% of The Project has been completed, including, but not limited to: imperative decisions made regarding the makeup, arrangement, and composition of the completed Project as it relates to individual Saints in the Church in Waco; templates created to easily facilitate future additions to The Project; winnowing out, eradicating, and deleting unused and/or unknown songs; and correction and input of over 63 songs into The Project database.
Having now presented the case for extension fully and to the best of our knowledge, The Projectors do hereby request that the deadline be moved forward a period of time at least 15 days, and not to exceed 30 days, specifically defined as a time period ranging from 15 October 2006 to 31 October 2006.
The Projectors request that a formal response be made in a reasonable and respectful time period. Any questions or clarifications regarding this request may be directed to The Projectors. Any disputes or debates relating to this request may be addressed to The Projectors’ third-party negotiator, Mr. Aaron Maddox (henceforth know as The Muscle, who may turn The Projectile’s name into a reality).
The Projectors
29 September 2006


Anonymous said...

That made me giggle!

Amy said...

Oh, good! That's what I'm going for. =)

Chris said...

Oh, I am truly laughing OUT LOUD!

Angela said...

Love it.

Amanda said...

I had forgotten about this!

What fun it was to work on "The Project" with you, though I think it may be time for church songbooks 2.0.

By the way, did you ever get paid? (I don't think that I ever did...)

Amy said...

Aaron asked me that the other night. I'm pretty sure I did, although I couldn't tell you what I did with the money.

I think you should address that pay issue. =)

Rishi said...

That is hilarious.

And yes I did pay up (although I may have jipped my wife).