Monday, June 15, 2009

Bob got a haircut

Bob has long, luxurious fur. I have never seen or felt a cat with such soft, lovely fur.

The only problem with this long, luxurious fur is that now Bob is an inside-outside cat (emphasis on the outside). He stalks and hunts and lazes in the grass. Long grass. With sticker-burrs.

These are not sharp sticker-burrs (is this word totally a Southern thing?), but they stick to long, luxurious fur like you wouldn't believe. Over the past few months, Aaron and I have spent many minutes picking these sticker-burrs out of Bob's fur. We could leave them, but there are times he's been COVERED in the things. And Bob's only way of getting them out is by bathing, and this leads to some serious hairballs. Not good.

So to cut down on the problems with the sticker-burrs (seriously, let me know if there's another word I should be using), and because it's already quite hot (I will refrain from grousing), we decided that Bob should get a summer haircut.

Let me prelude that no pictures can do justice to the hilarity.

*Bonus--new rug in the living room! (Needs vacuuming in the picture. This has recently been rectified in real life.)

I seriously laughed for three days any time I saw Bob. I'm starting to get used to it, but I still think he looks somewhat like a Chinese Crested dog.

But, given his recent stalking and hunting tendencies, we tell him he looks like a lion.

Yeah, that's it.


Chris said...

LOL for real!! Love the tail.

Angela said...

I am having a craptastic day at work and this was just the remedy. I'm going to come back in an hour to laugh again. I love the last one. His face says "I'm not amused at your amusement."

Jennie Quillen said...

Oh my goodness, that is halarious!

Aaron said...

Caption for the last photo: "The humiliation is unbearable. You have dishonored me. I kill you!"

Anonymous said...

Poor Bob...the agony of being high-maintenance. That is too much!