Saturday, May 30, 2009

Britain trumps China

I know I need to post pictures, but first wanted to update you on the end of my semester. My group project ended up bringing my grade down several points in my China to Chinese American class, so I'm pretty irritated by that (especially because I had a 99 going into the group project, and I ended up having to pick up much of the slack from less-than-stellar group members), but I still ended with an A. And an A is an A is an A...

Ironically, I ended up making a better grade in my Brit Lit class. Yup, you heard...um, read that right. After my 98 on my rewrite of the first critical essay, I made a 98 on my second critical essay and a 100 on the final. A 100 ON THE FINAL!!! When I first got these final two grades I thought at first that maybe my teacher had just run out of time and so she generously tossed some points my way. But the average grade on the second essay was an 82 and the average on the final was an 88. It feels niiiiice.

Also, I just have to share her comments on my final: "Bravo! This test is excellent! I only wish I had time to enumerate all the ways in which it excels. The most significant is the manner in which it extends seemingly slight implications into inferences that articulate their central significance in sustaining coherence and thematic unity."

Who kicks English ass? Me.

So maybe my theory that my teacher was trying to pull more out of me with that 72 was correct. I did find a way to up my game, and I am supremely gratified. Boosh!


hoesayfina said...

awesome! way to go!!!! :)

Chris said...

Bravo!! Hurrah!! Ooh la la!! Magnifico!!
I'm very proud and happy! I'm thrilled!


Angela said...

*Golf clap* I'm impressed with your studious talent.