Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My story ROCKS!!

I just finished reading my story all the way through for the first time, possibly, ever. It's been over a year since I worked on it last, so it was good to come back to it after so long. And the great thing is, I really like my story. There are definitely things that need work. Some passages are just too cheesy, some scenes need to be rewritten, and I'm sure there are other things here and there that will change as I add my new character, Mel. But I really enjoyed my story. I honestly feel it has great potential. I made myself laugh, I made myself cry, and, really, what more can you ask from a good story?

Except a good bad guy. (You know what I mean.)

By the way, if you have any suggestions for the name of Mel's castle, let me know (the one below is just a filler). And I need a name for Mel's apprentice. Same song, second (no, wait, third) verse. And, as a teaser, here's the intro to Mel (it's all I've written so far, although writing should begin in earnest tomorrow):

High in the northern mountains of Glockenspiel there was another castle. Ancient and weathered, it appeared to grow out of the craggy mountainside on which it stood. This castle, Smothering Heights, was the home of the wizard Meliazar. His friends called him Mel for short; or rather, they would have if he’d had any friends.

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Chris said...

SMOTHERING HEIGHTS???!!! I'm still laughing!!! Love Meliazar too!! Need a name for the apprentice, eh? Hmmm.....Vinnie? MiniMel? Hugh??(I can imagine a running joke where Hugh? and Who? keep getting mixed up). It's too late to keep thinking.