Thursday, May 08, 2008


I thought of doing several different posts, but, really, why? Instead, you get THREE, yes, that's right, folks, THREE blog posts for the price of one!! What a deal!

Post #1
Some people, if they will...ahem...be in the bathroom for a while, take along some reading material. I've even been in bathrooms in people's homes where there was a magazine rack or a small bookshelf. That's overdoing it, in my opinion, but the universality of some sort of bathroom diversion is my point.

Noah has found a different way to pass the time in the bathroom.

Post #2
When doing laundry, which I DO do from time to time, contrary to whatever you may have heard from my husband or children, I occasionally find a penny or even a quarter, or a bouncy ball, or some such sundry item. The other night, in one single load, I found this:

And, by the way, Maria, that large two-toned coin is a Toonie. I have no idea where it came from (well, Canada, obviously, but other than that...).

Post #3
This past Sunday, we FINALLY partied down in honor of Halle's ninth birthday. Poor kid, we had to postpone twice, but I think she had a good time when we got to it.

I'm quite proud of this cake. It certainly wasn't a major feat of decorating, but I think in its simplicity it turned out really well. The yellow frosting is homemade lemon, and I could eat it with a spoon, it's so good. Yum, yum, yum! The pink was good, too (store-bought strawberry tinted darker pink), but give me some of that lemon frosting any day!

By the way, I used my Betty Crocker 100 piece Cake Decorating Kit for the center of the flower. And all that stuff around the cake? That's confetti. Why? Because.

Birthday Girl (kinda' blurry). And, mom? The dress she's wearing is what you bought her.

And, finally, many thanks to Brooke for helping out. It would not have gone nearly as smoothly without you there!


Aaron said...

I have never criticized your laundry skillz, or lack thereof, in public, thank you very much!

Aaron said...

Also.. I'll be needing that toonie soon.

Angela said...

I took one look at that laundry pic and said to myself: "Hey! That's a toonie."
However, are we sure that's how it's spelled? I'm not sure. I don't think I've ever written it down.
And the cake is lovely.

Anonymous said...

LOONIE, & you should really know angie! Gosh, I still have a double handfull of those.
Nice cake Amy & have a nice mothers day.

Anonymous said...

correction ( read egg on face )
loonie $1
toonie $2 ( your coin)
also spelled
twonie, twoonie
& I still have plenty of both.

Aaron said...

Somebody's been on Wikipedia

hoesayfina said...

Amy thanks for the lesson in Canadian currency... :) oh so i get it a "two"nie is 2 Canadian dollars in a coin. i like the way it's two toned as well. is a loonie one color?

Amy said...

Hmm. I think a loonie is one color. I think I've confused a loonie with a quarter before, but I could be wrong. Maybe I've just mistaken a Canadian quarter for an American one.