Sunday, May 11, 2008

2 down, 6 to go

I am officially done with the Spring semester!

Actually, I was done with it on Thursday, but I figured if I opened with that it'd be a little anticlimactic.

I turned in my Children's Lit final on Wednesday, my Research & Study major research paper last Saturday, my not-as-little-as-I'd-thought R&S reflection paper on Wednesday, and a dinky discussion board post for CL on Thursday, and that's the end, folks! Today I found out I made a 100 on my CL final (I made 100's on both tests in that class!) and my final grade was a 98. Yeah, I'm quite proud and pleased. (This is not new emotional territory for me, either.) And by the way, the Webposium I mentioned in that post I just linked to? My entry is currently in the running to win one of the prizes!

Next up: The Summer of Hell. I've already mentioned that this summer I am taking a total of 13 hours. Yup, 13 hours in 2 months. (For the record, I've just finished 16 hours in 8 months.) I will be taking classes at UIS and MCC. At MCC I'll be taking Public Speaking in June, going to class M-Th from 8-10 am (I'm crying at having to get up early in the summer), and Intro to Statistics (which is an online class--yay!) in July. The stone in my shoe with these classes is that I've already taken both a speech and a math class (two math classes, actually), but what I took won't transfer to UIS. C'est la vie. At UIS I'll be taking Literature of the American Souths (sorry, no link) and Social Change & Leadership.

And I have determined that, after The Summer of Hell, if I keep going the way I have been, taking two classes every semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer), then I will graduate in May 2010. Two years, baby. Two semesters down, six more to go.

In the meantime, I've got a three week break. I'll be doing all sort of constructive things with my time...like playing Chip's Challenge.

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