Thursday, March 27, 2008

To clear up any confusion

In a previous post I said that Molly had a roach in her mouth, and many of you know who Molly is, but Andrea was, understandably, quite confused and grossed out at the thought that Molly might be a human. She is not; she is one of our cats. And to prevent any confusion in the future, I will now introduce you to all of the four-legged members of our household.

Last week, for Spring Break, Halle brought home her class gerbils. It took Noah a while to get the name right; he called them germs, germils, and gerbs (my personal favorite). In any case, Rosie and Daisy, the gerbs, stayed next to the fridge and were Bob and Molly's prime entertainment all week. Alas, Rosie and Daisy were temporary members of the house. They're gone now, to Aaron's great delight.

Bob meets Rosie and Daisy.

You've met Bob before. Bob no longer lives completely inside; he's inside for most of the day and outside at night. This is because he has developed issues with the litter box. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

They seriously spent most of the week like this. Molly's the one on the left. She's an entirely indoor cat, and rules the roost in her own little way. She doesn't like Bob all that much. He's very much like a little brother to her. He annoys the snot out of her and thinks it funny, and Molly just gets really annoyed.

Molly has found a new spot to sleep lately.

This is the pass-through between the dining room and the kitchen where all of my reference/school books live. I'm sitting at the desk (where I pretty much live) taking this picture. Odd and uncomfortable as it is, I'm not all that surprised that Molly sleeps here. She has a history of sleeping in strange and/or uncomfortable places and positions, such as...

The recipe box.

And the pass-through again. But it's the leg position that cracked me up. She was actually sleeping just like this before I turned on the camera to take this picture.

And this is Sam, the newest addition. He's blinking because of the rain. More on the rain later. Sam lives entirely outside, not just because he's a dog, but also because he's about 100 pounds. Sam is tearing up my grass. But he's also very sweet so I forgive him most days.

And finally, this is our puppy friend who visited for a few days, but whom we haven't seen for a few days. We were trying to decide whether to keep him or not when he escaped from our fenced-in yard. There are mixed feelings in the house about this, but Noah is unequivocally sad. He was absolutely in love with the puppy.

And there you have it folks. Now if I talk about Bob, Molly, or Sam walking around with a bug or rodent in their mouth, you won't be horrified.

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