Thursday, August 16, 2007

Oh, God help us all

As if it isn't bad enough trying to fight the stereotypes of being a Texan, Fox brings us this new foray into repugnant reality TV, Anchorwoman. Click the link. Read the blurb.

Did you read it?

Yes, folks, that's right--this horrific farce for entertainment will be set in my hometown, Tyler, Texas. I'm cringing. I'm convulsing. I'm close to tears. I'd seen the commercials for the show--or is it the show itself?--at the beginning of "So You Think You Can Dance", and I was repulsed enough then. But when I learned that the show is being filmed in Tyler... *sigh* My little heart hurts with shame and some sort of mix between disgust and resignation.

(Only slightly tongue in cheek...) You can add this show to my list of answers on Mark's blog.


Jennie Quillen said...

I heard about this show last spring and then never heard anything else about it. I thought that maybe someone had come to their senses and decided not to air it...apparantly not. All I can say is thank the Lord I won't be there to suffer in humiliation with the rest of the town.

Anonymous said...

I'm speechless.


Ha! I'm also in Michigan, thank goodness!

hoesayfina said...

You'll be glad to know that after one airing it has been canceled.

From today's USA Today:
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Here's news that Fox's series "Anchorwoman" wouldn't want to deliver: It's been canceled after one low-rated airing.

The debut of the reality show about Lauren Jones' attempt to turn herself into a news anchor for a Texas TV station drew an estimated 2.7 million viewers Wednesday, according to preliminary figures from Nielsen Media Research.

That number is about a third of the viewership Fox attracted a week earlier with the finale of its popular "So You Think You Can Dance."

Jones was a Barker Beauty on "The Price Is Right," Miss New York and featured WWE Diva before the series put her into the newsroom of KYTX Channel 19 in Tyler, Texas.

Unaired episodes of "Anchorwoman" will be available on Fox's website through Fox on Demand, the network said Thursday.

Angela said...

It was on Fox... I didn't think about that. They never keep a show on the air longer than three episodes, unless it kills in traditional ratings. None of us should have been worried.