Saturday, August 11, 2007

More Harry Potter

I apologize to all you non-Potter fans. But here is a spectacular review of, not so much Book 7, but the entire Harry Potter series. It's written by none other than Stephen King, and is, as I already mentioned, spectacular. Come to it, though, even if you're not a Potter fan, I think it's worth a read. The byline reads, "Now that the dust has settled on ''Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,'' Stephen King reflects on why no review did it justice, and whether kids (and their grown-ups) will ever read the same way again."

*There are spoilers (although, I love what King says about that, even), so reader beware.


Angela said...

Ok, I have to say, I really like the Myspace blogging, because I don't have to keep obsessively checking this one. I get a nice little notification. But I still prefer to comment on this one.

YOO-HOO! I adore, ADORE, I tell you, having other respected famous authors confirm what we have known for a while. J.K.R. is among the greatest storytellers of all time. Incidentally, I saw a clip on MSNBC.com with Keith Olberman. He was in line for the midnight release of D.H. and as the camera panned the line a bit I said "Oh my Gosh, that's..." Keith's voice-over comes in... "Yes, folks, in case you were wondering that was Salman Rushdie in line with me, trying desperately to go unnoticed in the crowd."
Salman Rushdie standing in line to be the first one to get the book!

Angela said...

one more thing... we haven't yet even discussed the book together offline. We have to do that.

Mark said...

I'll read just about anything King writes. I think he's a genius. This review was great. I haven't read the Potter books, but now I want to.

This reminds me. Have you ever read King's book on writing? It's called "On Writing". He's so original! Seriously, I read it for some reason, even though I'm no writer, and thought it was great. After I read it, I wanted to be a writer. Since you are a writer and all, you might like it even more.