Friday, January 19, 2007

I have been chastised

I haven't posted in the new year, and two people have mentioned it to me. I don't have much to say (!), except to let you know that I applied to UIS, and am awaiting their decision. I should hear by March 15th whether I am accepted into the program.

I have really enjoyed the wintry weather this week, even though I was disappointed by the lack of substantial precipitation. I had really (really, REALLY, REALLY) hoped for some good snow, but, alas, it was not to be. On Wednesday, when the girls were home for an ice day (not a snow day, thpbbbttt), we braved the weather and played outside for a while. Here is what we saw.

Our fence ice sculpture. I thought this was pretty cool, so I took several pictures of it. How did the ice form this way?
Notice the twisty formation at the top. One part of it goes to the front of the fence, the other goes to the back. (You can get a better look at it in the first picture.) And then, look at the "ribbon" of ice on the right--I think that is really fun.

Last picture of the ice sculpture, I promise. I just wanted to show you the zig-zag action on the right, and then another "ribbon" of ice that goes diagonally down the fence--nowhere else! I know I'm probably more impressed with this than I should be, I just thought it was so cool--very unique.

Lots of icicles--the melting of these icicles is what formed the fence sculpture.
And now, fun with super-macro, my favorite feature of our camera. Well, other than being able to look at pictures right after I take them.

If you look very closely at the ice here, you can see where it froze in the formation of the veins on the leaf.

I really liked the frozen droplets of water.


hoesayfina said...

the frozen droplets of water made one of my sidewalk weeds beautiful.i like them too. as one that may have chastised you about not posting. thanks for posting. And thanks for painting yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Wow, those were cool. It must have frozen quickly. We still haven't gotten a good snow here. We've had only dustings (like you get in Texas).

Anonymous said...

What fun pictures! I need to learn how to do super macro too! Thank you for posting - I've been missing your delightful blogs.