Monday, December 04, 2006

Bodily Functions and the Alphabet

I apologize in advance.

I started to feel sick last night around dinner time (but before I had eaten). There were several moments there that I really thought I was going to lose it. However, determined that nobody (especially yours truly) should be sick on their birthday eve (and, possibly, their birthday), I took Pepto Bismol & off-brand Phenergan, breathed deeply, and thought happy thoughts. Within an hour I was able to eat dinner (although I ate it over the course of about an hour, not wanting to push my luck), and this morning I feel pretty darn good. Yay.

Also last night, I discovered that Noah uses the word "peep" and "peeped" instead of "pee" and "peed". I think he associates it with "poop" (naturally), and I guess he thinks "peep" is just the appropriate counterpart. I tell you this for a reason. This morning as I changed his diaper, Noah asked, "That peep?"
"No, it's PEE," I corrected him.
"What?" he responded. "P, Q, R, S?"



Anonymous said...


Love you LOTS & lots (this is what my mama and I say to each other),


Anonymous said...

or ellemenno-PEE. :-)

Jennie Quillen said...

Ah ha! My nephew really IS a genius! I knew it!