Friday, November 03, 2006

Several Things

Thing One: Noah Loves Pizza
For lunch yesterday, Noah was eating a peanut butter and honey sandwich. Or, rather, he was supposed to be eating a peanut butter and honey sandwich. He wasn't making much progress. He was picking at it and sort of unenthused about the whole thing, so I asked him if he wanted me to tear it into pieces. He immediately perked up.
"No, not pizza. Pieces."
"No, pieces. I'm tearing your sandwich into P I E C E S so you can..."

There's something that renders communication between the two of us almost pointless at times.

Thing Two: Beta
So far, I like blogger beta.

Thing Three: Discrepancies
The NaNoWriMo official word counter has been counting fewer words than Word counts. It started out small--a difference of only 9 or 10 words, but as I write more, the discrepancy grows. We're currently at a difference of 40 words. That's a lot. My guess is that it's hyphenated words, or maybe numbers, but I haven't had the desire to test either of those theories yet. It's not that big of a deal, but I have a feeling that by the end of it all, I may have a discrepancy of a couple hundred words. That IS a big deal. I'm just glad that I decided to use the official word count verifier early instead of just manually entering my word count. I'd hate to find out on November 30th that I was 200 words short. I could always remove the hyphens from the text (or spell out the numbers), but I'm not sure my inner editor will allow me to do that.

However, come November 30th, if I'm short of my 50,000-word goal, I'll quickly beat down Inner Editor and take out the hyphens.


mary z said...

I just went to your novel blog (what an original idea! ...sorry, couldn't resist), and got caught up on your story, and the story of your story. A coupla things:

-I love it!
-I particularly like your narratorial voice.
-There are little edits and things I would make, but that's as it always is. If you really want at some point, I'd love to blue-pencil it for you (except I don't have a blue pencil, so it'd probably be pen). Just an offer, not a suggestion.
-The county is, in fact, I-DILL-ICK. Absolutely gorgeous...I wanna go to Luxembourg.
-I love the gender-neutral egalitarianism you've got going on here. I was going to restrict that to "feminine empowerment" until I got to the hero. I think it's good to have a balanced view of these things...I'd personally get bored if all the male characters were downplayed and 'feminized.' (Sorry, too much grad school theory going on in my head now...it's a dangerous thing.)
-Dialogue is, in fact, a bitch. What has helped me is to really spend some time with my characters to see how they like to phrase things. Of course, half the time it still ends up sounding like me. Arg.
-I like how you bring up all these conflicts, and then resolve them quickly! Seriously, this adds good tension, and then even greater comedy, and without distracting from your main plot.
-Suggestion: give us some more time with the now-adult princess. We haven't seen why she's not a brat anymore, so I'm struggling with your assertion that she isn't. Why does she want to be married, especially if she can't marry a nobleman? Why does there have to be a king, in this egalitarian society? If you tell me, I'll accept your answer (you're the narrator, after all). But now I'm left wondering.

But to repeat my main point: I'm REALLY enjoying this story! I can't wait for chapter three!

mary z said...

So I should probably have left these comments on your other blog, but I didn't think about it. It is, after all, 8 a.m. while I'm writing this.