Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I just realized that there are only 9 days left before the end of NaNoWriMo. *Panic ensues* That means I've got to write about 2,000 words a day to reach my goal!! And, I'm going out of town for two days!!

AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! (runs around the room waving hands in the air)

Ok, now that that is out of the way, I need loads of encouragement. Pile it on, thick and goopy. Seriously, reading you guys' comments has been a real boost for me during this whole process. I'm determined to see this thing through, and I need your help!

Also, I'm soliciting ideas here. Can anyone give me some examples of silly/stupid/funny things Rishi has said/done? The Rishman character has entered the story, and I need help giving him life.


Jennie Quillen said...

You can't quit now!!! You've worked so hard and your fans would be so diappointed! Amy, Amy she's our girl, if she can't do it.....nobody can! (and you thought I was going to say, great, didn't you? Ah, yes, gotta love Aladin) I've bragged about you to so many people and as your sister I am really proud of you for taking this challenge and exceding at it! YOU CAN DO IT! Love you lots!

hoesayfina said...

You can't quit because i must know what happens.
Chris and i will come up with a comment about things that Mr. Woo rishi has said. I think you should use his strengths as part of his character. You know Mr. Positive Psychology and all.

Think back to class. I am certain he has said something funny during class.

we'll work on it...-maria

ps. The Owls of Waldweg speak highly of you... you cannot disappoint the Owls by quiting!!

Anonymous said...

I wish I knew Rishi, Id give you tons of good stories. But as it is, I can only say that I must, must, must know the end of this story.

You did good with the 2,000 words today! You really need a 5,000 word day though. Talk to Aaron about it; see if one day this weekend you cant find the time for this. Maybe he could take the kids to the park for a couple of hours. I dont know, Im reaching for something.

Elam! Elam! Elam! Or is it Elroy?! Elroy?! Elroy?! Oh, screw it, Im rooting for the strong female in the story. Its just that its more difficult to chant "Zoe Isabella".

You can do it!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, you surely can do this. Look how far you've come! You haven't once gotten so far behind that you couldn't catch up. In fact, I'll bet this 2 day hiatus will give your brain a break and let your subconscious go to work, and you'll be unstoppable when you get back to the keyboard.

May the keyboard rise up to meet yeh. May imagination always be at yer back. May inspiration shine warm upon yer face, and words fall softly into yer mind. And until ye get to 50,000 words may God share His creativity with you!

We will all say a little prayer for you! (for Angie too!)

Anonymous said...

I have read each chapter virtually on the edge of my seat anxisouly waiting for the next. Being completely captured by your novel,
so I simply must offer you encouragment as you request, though I think you are hardly in need of it.

So I say; put the editor you are aside for awhile and let the child set before the keyboard and the story that is already within you will flow like a raging river, even your fingers will have trouble keeping up on the keys. It is all there in you, just let the child take over and you can edit later and wrap the words on the parchment so neatly as you like to do.

For ideas, well , look to the males in your life, you have plenty to draw from, they can give you many ideas from their own character. Your are already strong in the female part, but a little weak in the male charaters, especially in the humor area. More jokes, pranks, etc. just ask the guys around you, or think of the funny things they have said and done to each other. It is from your own experience in life that you can build your own charaters unique to your writing that will last for your lifetime! You are a writer and a very good one, but it is the child that tells the story and then the writer that translates it so we can understand and enjoy it.

I have no doubt that you will meet your goal, after all you have many fans now who are depending on you, so tell your story and fascinate our imaginations with your spellbinding skills. You go girl!