Friday, August 18, 2006

I laughed so hard I couldn't even stop.

Chloe brought this paper home from school yesterday. Her teacher had the class write some sentences without any help spelling the words. I thought the first page was pretty cute, and I liked the picture. The yellow is lightning. Not so sure about the safety repercussions of having outside recess in the middle of a lightning storm, but, there you go.

(I love recess because I like recess because recess is fun and because in recess you get to play!)

Then I turned the page over and saw what was written on the back, and I laughed so hard I snorted. Even now, after reading it several times, I still laugh. You'd better laugh too, if you know what's good for you.
(I love music because music is fun and music is lots of fun and music is lots of fun and you can't even stop.)


hoesayfina said...

That's a keeper.....funny. Thanks for the laugh! I love meyouzek too!

Anonymous said...

Lightning storm recess...AWESOME! They always pulled us into the gym whenever it started sprinkling. Hm, not sure the slides would have been a good idea in a storm, though. ;)

I'd like to know how she came us with "fv" for "of." =)

Anonymous said...

It's like a puzzle!

Anonymous said...

"fv" for "of" is my favorite. Of course it should have a "V"!

Amy said...

My favorite thing was "you.kant.even.stop."

Anonymous said...

um, did anyone else notice that I misspelled "up" in my earlier comment? maybe that "fv" isn't so hard to believe after all. ;)