Monday, June 26, 2006

Can't sleep

...so I thought I'd come siphon some info off my brain.

A summary of my weekend:

pick up report for work
drop off prescription
post office
grocery store
pick up prescription
dinner with Srirams
drop off report for work

Nothing scintillating. Although, come to think of it, I do have a little story for you (which is ENTIRELY true, thank you very much, although it's not nearly as interesting as Adam's). It's called, "Viscio Furniture, or, How I Was Almost Scammed, But Not Quite". I've been looking at craigslist.org lately, searching for freelance copyediting or proofreading jobs. Craigslist is sort of like a nationwide classified ad, but grassroots-y-er (don't think that one's in the dictionary). While searching, I came across a post that had just been added that day for a part-time bookkeeper. I really don't want to do bookkeeping anymore--it's just not my thing--but the job paid pretty well, and it was a telecommute job, and they were looking for someone to do accounts payable, accounts receivable, reconciliations, etc. In short, all the stuff I've been doing for the past...gosh, 7 years, off and on. So I sent them my resume. I kinda' didn't want the job, and I kinda' did, because it paid pretty well. I sent my resume on Friday night and got an email back on Sunday. (From here on out you've got to read quotation marks as air quotes.) The company was a "furniture store" based in "Europe" needing a "bookkeeper" to process payments in the States. They wanted me to receive payments from their customers in the U.S., deposit them into my bank, then wire them the funds. This is all to avoid "lengthy turn-around time". For two to six hours of work a week, I would receive a monthly salary of $2500 plus a 5% commission on the payments I received. Needless to say, this sent up several red flags, so I googled the company, "Viscio Furniture" (just in case it was legitimate, you know?) and found several people who've been scammed by this...scam. I, however, was not. Aren't you proud? I read of another person who'd seen the job posting on craigslist (it was a very legitimate looking job posting!) and that person said craigslist will delete a posting if enough people flag it as bogus. I tried to do that, but it'd already been removed. So I will not be making oodles of money for doing next-to-nothing. I will keep making next-to-no-money for doing oodles of work. C'est la vie.


Anonymous said...

Yikes--but well played, you!

Adam said...

We bought all of our furniture from Viscio. We got really good deals.

We're still waiting for the furniture to arrive though...

Anonymous said...

First of all... (sigh) Target (wistful sigh). There is a giant advertisement at Times Square for Target and there isn't a Target on the whole island... Teases.

Second of all... good call, girl.

Brooke said...

Adam and I noticed that gigantic Target ad in Times Square and wondered where the Target was!

Anonymous said...

There's one in Queens, apparently. Or was it Brooklyn? I know because Ashley's always sad about it--Target was by far her favorite place to shop before she moved to the City!

In unrelated news, I love-love-LOVE your profile picture! You look absolutely gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Sam in London

Viscio Furniture

I applied for that Ad here in the Uk, it was on total Total Jobs, paying £300 per week. I was offer the job through my junk mail, which seemed strange. I googled and found you blogg. So it is doing the rounds in the UK.

I will contact total jobs and Ebay if it is still there when I check.

Thanks for that!