Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bloggity-blog blog

Unlike this guy, who is annoyed by the blogging world as a whole (at least he sees the irony of this), I am fascinated by the globality (is that a word?) of blogging. I was blog surfing today (more in a minute on how dangerous that can be) and was struck by the international scope of the blogs I was viewing. Of course, I didn't have any idea what most of them said, since they weren't in English. But I saw blogs of people from Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Venezuela, Taiwan, Japan, and Canada. (Does Canada count?) Way to be a global thingy, blogspot! (For those of you who don't watch Sesame Street, Global Thingy is a little cartoon that teaches us all about peace and harmony and how to get along.)

So the dangerous aspect about blog surfing (by clicking the "next blog" button at the top right) is that you never know what kind of stuff you're going to run across. I stumbled on one blog that pinned my hair to the wall. (I think my Memaw used to say that.) I'm not talking about ignorant (or intelligent) political postulations or self-aggrandizing teenager babble, though I saw plenty of that. I'm talking porn. Straight-up, graphic porn. I was shocked that something like that would be so easy to access. So, beware. Also, did you know that the only way to report objectionable content to blogspot is to "flag" said content? Then blogspot will review the number of flags a site receives and check for inappropriate or illegal content. Seems a little irresponsible to me. I'm sorry, but there are some things that just don't need to be "said", so take your "free speech" melodrama and...well, anyway. Way to be a socially-negligent thingy, blogspot!

So to cleanse the mental palate, I took some cute, wholesome pictures of cute, wholesome things. I also had lots of fun playing with our new digital camera (Canon DID discover the water damage in the old one, but we were able to buy the upgrade for less than we paid for the old one.) I marveled at the brilliance of digital photography, where it's okay if you take 75 pictures just to get 10 good ones, and you don't have to spend any money to find out which ones look stupid. Overall, it's been a very enjoyable morning.


LeBleuskysurfer said...

Nice pics, the kids are cute. I think the digital world is great, I can do so much with my Sony PC110, it is so awesome. The shot of the plants (?) is great. I can take pics as close as 3 inches from the subject,and it is actually a video camera. I hope to get a cannon this summer just for still shots. The PC110 takes great stills but it takes 7 seconds between shots, I need something faster, people don't like to pose more than a few sec's. lol

I agree 100% with you on the blog stuff even though I'm a big believer in free speech. But it seems this new internet society just lacks in manners altogether. This reflects on society and maybe is why the world still can't live in peace. And your right, they should take their stuff (porn) somewhere else, preferably to the trash.

Angela said...

The blog world is great. I was completely against it until I realized how much I enjoyed reading others blogs. Plus, it's a good excuse to write, even if it is just crap writing.
And it is ironic that that guy is bashing blogging in a (drumroll, please) blog.

The pics are great.